The Marketing Clinic

Chris Lukehurst has been a Director at The Marketing Clinic since 2005

The Marketing Clinic are global experts in the psychology of Consumer Experience. While many companies connect consumers’ product experience with the emotional change it generates, no one else tracks each shift in the consumer mood throughout the product experience. It is this in-depth understanding of the consumers’ emotional journey that enables The Marketing Clinic to give client companies unique, powerful and valuable recommendations for product and communications improvements.

Great brands define their consumer experience emotionally. That is what delivers preference and long term loyalty. The Marketing Clinic has helped clients – from small start-ups to the largest blue-chip brands from around the globe – to optimise the emotional preference for their brands.

Clients such as; Nestlé, PepsiCo, Unilever, GSK, Mars… tell us time and time again that after working with us they think differently about their consumers, their products, their communications and, most importantly, about how the three interact together, and how this is making a significant difference to the success of their businesses.

Chris can be contacted on:

The Marketing Clinic: Delivering Preference through Emotional Satisfaction

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